Working with people on their health and fitness goals is much more than just lifting weights and getting heart rates up. The relationship between personal trainer and client is super important and valued by all trainers at Grit Studios. We listen to our clients and find the best, most appropriate means to help them achieve their goals.

Margaret Stewart


Thank goodness I made the call! Four years ago, post two rotator cuff surgeries, my muscles had atrophied and my mood was dark! I was desperate for a fitness overhaul. I had one major goal: re-build muscle=get stronger. Along with that, I needed to improve both range of motion and functional strength in my shoulders…for making my bed; carrying groceries; putting away the dishes!

Lianne heard me and knowing my limits, started with a conditioning program: she set, reset, modified and steadily increased the challenges and the targets that would gradually get me fit. As important as doing the work is, the personal experience of working with Lianne is icing on the cake. She is likeable, fun, laughs a lot, is attentive and cares about all of her clients. She tunes into them and gives her undivided attention; a great example for anyone to follow.

I have had so much fun…fun of the hot, sweaty, air-sucking, lung burning, gut-busting-effort kind of fun. If and when a chronic soreness surfaces, Lianne guides me to work around it.

Suffice it to say, I have met and passed my functional strength goals of 4 years ago. I’ve finish several 5Ks and, I remain focused on continuing to get stronger and be faithful to the need to “do it all”. I like being strong. I benefit everyday from Lianne’s big heart, humility, years of experience and her expert knowledge of the human body, sport, and exercise; types and styles of training to achieve different goals. Form, diet, and nutrition are foundations. Working out, training, is a gift I am giving myself. My mood is light and I am optimistic.

Caroline Jones

I love running, specifically the runner’s high. Unlike any other exercise, when running, I feel successful, confident and healthy. I’ve always wanted to be a good runner, but have never really managed a consistent training regime nor good form. After several unsuccessful attempts to build up my endurance and strength on my own and with other personal trainers, I had almost given up on my dream.

Some of my friends signed up for a half marathon in May 2015. I could barely run a mile then, but I thought, ‘what the heck!’ I tried training again on my own, but it always felt like someone was pushing my shoulders down as I ran. So I contacted Sylvia in August.

Not only did Sylvia address my desire to run a half-marathon, we discussed other goals of mine, like losing weight and gaining overall tone. Every time I met with her, she had a different routine planned out and was 100% focused on my form, my energy, and my overall progress. More importantly, she was honest with me, pointing out what I needed to work on, giving constructive criticism while boosting my confidence. For example, when I described the feeling of someone pushing down on my shoulders as I ran, she adjusted my exercise routine to build my upper body strength, and soon it was no longer an issue.

On February 21st, 2016, I ran my first half-marathon in 3:39:23, and I’m now already planning my second! I feel awesome and love running again! Sylvia has been incredible and super supportive throughout my entire journey, and I can’t praise her enough!

Bil Seymour

I initially started working with Boyd in 2013 as a means to improve my fitness for volleyball and even though I was already pretty active, I never realized that I was lacking fitness, conditioning, and even flexibility in some areas.

I typically train with him 2 – 3 times a week for 45 minute sessions and I can be certain that each session will be different and challenging while using a variety of equipment.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been working out with Boyd for 4 years and plan to continue doing so. He has definitely helped me achieve fantastic results with my conditioning, strength training, and core.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness.

Robert Summer

Two years ago at age 76 I began what seemed to be an improbable if not impossible journey. I was spending time and much effort trying to slow the ravaging physical & mental decline attributed to aging. My heart told me that I was still young but my body was giving me a different story.

All the work that I was doing was not giving me the results that I would need in the near future to maintain an independent life with an active lifestyle. I wanted to continue running, to be able to hop, skip & jump with my 2+year old granddaughter, learn to play a decent table tennis game, and live the same kind of everyday life that many younger people do. I knew from my past experience that I needed a lot of help from a professional who would believe in the potential ability of an older person.

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Then I met Suzan Rowe who I have found to be an incredibly talented person who has considerable expert knowledge and ability. She immediately became a driving force in my quest to meet my goals to slow aging. She listened, understood my goals and then focused each week in improving those areas that needed the most attention. She would demonstrate the final desired result to show me what our work could accomplish. I was amazed at the things that she showed me and said “I can’t do that!” She replied “you can’t do that ….yet”, but you will be able to do this. She told me about the steps we would take to meet our goal and then we began one step at a time. Working hard on a balance approach we made steady focused improvements. Sometimes small steps sometimes a breakthrough step where I was able to do that which I had thought to be impossible.

Suzan is a genius at modifying an exercise so that I will overcome any obstacle. She also notices the smallest tendencies that may be impediments to achieving our goals and offers suggestions that usually help. Suzan is the consummate professional who cares about her clients and gives them her best efforts. She works hard, and has a cheerful positive approach to each workout.

Suzan has been my guide,coach,teacher and trainer as well as being my inspiration to consistently work hard for the last 2 years. That work has paid off!! I now have better posture and much better balance; I move a little quicker, am able to move sideways & backwards much better playing table tennis and I’m much more flexible. I can hop, skip, jump & play “snail” or “frog” with my now 4+ year old granddaughter. I am also still running and doing house & yard work more efficiently. I was taking 8 aspirin @ day for pain. Now I take none as most of my pain is gone.

I have learned from working with Suzan that an advancing age doesn’t necessarily have to result in declining fitness. As long as I have Suzan to help me I believe that the best is “yet” to come.

Randy Moore

GRIT STUDIO is a great facility for the personal trainer activity. The studio provides a clean, comfortable, and well-equipped environment for the interaction between myself and master trainer Kris Davis.

I began working with Kris in a standard gym/fitness facility about 5 months ago. While I gained a great deal from these training sessions, I was sometimes less focused due to the distractions in the gym – (clanging weights, loud music).

I was somewhat self-conscious with my demonstrated awkwardness and lack of coordination when learning new and diverse exercises to target muscles and mobility.

At GRIT STUDIO I am completely comfortable with my initial awkwardness and more focused on the interaction with the trainer and feel I gain a bit more from each training session.

Gene Baker

I am biased, I think I have one of the best strength/performance trainers in the business – Coach Christoher Boyd, NSCA. I am an ex-jock and ex-military 60 y.o. male who started with a lot of old injuries, bad movement habits, poor fitness and all the problems we get from working an office job 25 years. For the six years prior to working with Coach Boyd, I had attempted to restore my fitness and health. I began to lift and run again, but I continually repeated a cycle of injury and relapse. All my old injuries kept flaring up. Additionally, I managed to create new injuries from poor lifting technique and ignorance of fitness/movement progression.

So, I read, studied and researched everything I could find about fitness, injuries, lifting and general health. The more I learned, the more I realized how little I really knew about how to achieve my goals. I needed an expert, so I began a 2 ½ year search for a real coach/trainer that had the knowledge, ability and skill to help me. I searched through a few hundred trainer profiles and interviewed probably a dozen self-identified fitness gurus before I stumbled upon Coach Boyd. To my surprise, after I interviewed him, he interviewed me to determine if he could help me. That was six months ago and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

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Coach Boyd continually assesses your movement patterns and adjusts your training to improve your movement, strength and flexibility. He seems to have an endless supply of progressive and corrective exercises. Progressive exercises to build strength while teaching correct movement technique as you grow toward more advanced lifts and movements. Corrective exercises to build strength, fix old injuries and correct poor movement patterns that hinder your progress. His workouts are always individualized to your current physical condition and to your personal goals. In six months, I have made tremendous progress toward my goals.

Not only have I not been injured, but old injuries that I thought I would just have to live with have disappeared. Now I can perform movements and exercises with weight that I have never been able to do. There are no instant solutions, but I have lost 25 lbs. of body weight and increased my muscle mass a lot in a very short period of time. I am excited to think about how much progress I will be able to make in the next year or two.

If you are looking for a self-identified fitness guru who tells you how great they are and who uses the same workout for everyone, you should keep searching. However, if you are looking for a fitness, strength and movement expert who develops each exercise and workout around the individual you will not find anyone better than Coach Boyd!

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