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Our Vision

Providing a place where people can come to get personal and professional attention with respects to their health and fitness is the vision of Grit Studios. We visualize a place where transformation occurs on a daily basis. This is a studio without a large gym atmosphere, with 6 trainers giving their upmost attention to each of their clients.

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals ready to make changes with you! We are both traditional and non-traditional in how we train clients, depending on the desired goals of each person. We have cages and barbells for strength training. We utilize weighted ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension training (like TRX), body weight training, bikes, treadmills, barbells, and more.

We pride ourselves on clients having a different and varied experience, with no boredom.

Why Choose Us




We Provide and Deliver

Grit Studios was born out of a desire to touch other lives while being touched. We wanted to create a space where people could come and train without being in a big gym atmosphere. We wanted a private, intimate place for clients who might feel intimidated to join a gym. In addition, we wanted to have a space where individuals who love fitness and are members of a gym could come and get some professional assistance with their exercise regime. Most of our clients are members of the gym, but come to Grit for their personal training. They may see us once, twice or three times per week while participating in other exercise modalities throughout their week.

At Grit Studios we believe total body fitness is just that: Total Body – mind, body, spirit. It all connects and makes us who we are. Our sessions are physical in nature as everyone comes here to better their physical condition. What happens in addition to getting in better physical shape is where the MAGIC begins!

As folks feel better about how they look, they act in a more confident manner and carry themselves differently. Their interpersonal relationships change because they feel better, look better and spiritually probably connect more with others.


Margaret Stewart

I had one major goal: re-build muscle=get stronger. Along with that, I needed to improve both range of motion and functional strength in my shoulders…for making my bed; carrying groceries; putting away the dishes!

Lianne heard me and knowing my limits, started with a conditioning program: she set, reset, modified and steadily increased the challenges and the targets that would gradually get me fit.

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Caroline Jones

I’ve always wanted to be a good runner, but have never really managed a consistent training regime nor good form. After several unsuccessful attempts to build up my endurance and strength on my own and with other personal trainers, I had almost given up on my dream.

On February 21st, 2016, I ran my first half-marathon in 3:39:23, and I’m now already planning my second! I feel awesome and love running again! Sylvia has been incredible and super supportive throughout my entire journey, and I can’t praise her enough!

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Bil Seymour

It’s hard to believe I’ve been working out with Boyd for 4 years and plan to continue doing so. He has definitely helped me achieve fantastic results with my conditioning, strength training, and core.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness.

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Robert Summer

Suzan has been my guide,coach,teacher and trainer as well as being my inspiration to consistently work hard for the last 2 years. That work has paid off!! I now have better posture and much better balance; I move a little quicker, am able to move sideways & backwards much better playing table tennis and I’m much more flexible. I can hop, skip, jump & play “snail” or “frog” with my now 4+ year old granddaughter. I am also still running and doing house & yard work more efficiently. I was taking 8 aspirin @ day for pain. Now I take none as most of my pain is gone.

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Randy Moore

GRIT STUDIO is a great facility for the personal trainer activity. The studio provides a clean, comfortable, and well equipped environment for the interaction between myself and master trainer Kris Davis. I began working with Kris in a standard gym/fitness facility about 5 months ago. While I gained a great deal from these training sessions, I was sometimes less focused due to the distractions in the gym

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Gene Baker

If you are looking for a self-identified fitness guru who tells you how great they are and who uses the same workout for everyone, you should keep searching. However, if you are looking for a fitness, strength and movement expert who develops each exercise and workout around the individual you will not find anyone better than Coach Boyd!

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